More Than Lyme Adventure Here I Come


In just a few hours I fly to Portland, Oregon to participate in a workshop created by and for people with Lyme disease (and other chronic illnesses for that matter). While most of us have never met in person we know each other pretty well. We are a community that's come together organically through our common desire to raise awareness about Lyme, share our experience with it and also celebrate the ways we are so much more. 

Chloe of More Than Lyme came up with the the #MoreThanLyme hashtag several years ago when she started to share snippets of her experience with this disease on Instagram. It soon caught on and has become so much more than she ever imagined. Today More Than Lyme is a business, community and now the host of  Adventures (this weekend's retreat). 


Over the past two years, since finding this community, I have gradually found my voice. A new voice. A new dialog with and about my body. A voice that practices accepting (and celebrating) what my mind and body CAN DO now rather than constantly comparing it to everything I COULD DO before I got sick. In order to find this acceptance I needed to see myself reflected in others. I needed to see I wasn't the only one doing these crazy treatments, unable to work due to the intensity of treatment schedules, and wrestling to figure out what to make of this unplanned track in life. I also needed to share what I was going through and sometimes hear "me too." I found all of these things through #MoreThanLyme.

This blog has been a long time coming. I saw an opportunity in setting a few goals for myself before this MTL Adventure. I want to show up and show what I've been working on. So I challenged myself to publish my first post and soft-launch the first product in my Healing From Lyme Apothecary Line at this event!

Leave for the airport in 10 minutes... 

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