This Week at the Market


The simple basket that inspired my first photography project.

Every week before I drive home I snap a picture (or twenty) of my farmers market basket. It is has become a moment to pause and appreciate the beauty of my purchases. And a wonderful way to witness the seasons slowly go by.

This year, now that my blog is live, I thought I would add to this tradition by including a list of my ingredients for the week. I will keep it simple. A diary to look back on and remember this moment in time.  

April 7, 2018 Opening Day of the 2018 Growing Season

April 7, 2018 Opening Day of the 2018 Growing Season

Arugula, salad mix, radish, green garlic and a bouquet of ranunculus from Fiddler's Green Farm.

Pea shoots from Ohana No Till Farm

Holy Basil (Tulsi) for tea. Just enough to carry me through until the next harvest in June. Purple Sage Farms, a local gem that specializes in culinary herbs.

Oyster Mushroom from a new purveyor. Need to find out their name.

Beef Tenderloin from Triangle C Beef. If you are in the Boise area and want to find high quality beef - Steve is your guy. Give yourself a bit of time to chat with him. He has a lot of great information to share.

Plant starts! Just because. Chamomile, dill, cilantro and dwarf peas from Next Generation Organics. Not only are they are good friends and Caleb's former employer, they also grow the hardiest plants around.